A fantastic selection of ideas from really inspirational students. The social impact and good that could come from these ideas is incalculable. Such a privilege to be involved.

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At this risk of being provocative, I am not a huge fan of ‘can’t’ in the workplace.

We are all given pretty much the same number of hours during the working day. We largely have the same kit and equipment, facilities, and the like.

So just how is it that some manage to get so much more done?

How can it be that output varies so hugely…

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I have the pleasure and privilege of acting as a mentor to a small number of younger people at the start of their business journeys.

I am also reverse mentored by a young digital entrepreneur, although the huge benefit I get from that particular relationship is perhaps for another time.

I’ve recently been asked by two of my mentees about helping them with building a personal brand and positioning themselves as ‘thought leaders’.

The fact…

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Typically, I love it hear when I hear the words: “I fundamentally disagree.”

It’s usually something of a challenge to be relished. Professional and courteous discourse and debate enrich all our personal and professional lives. Innovation very often begins within these types of discussion.

I have always been a keen exponent of learning my craft, of understanding an issue by looking at it…

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I am pretty well known in my sector as a social type of person.

But far less well known is that underneath it all I’m actually an introvert.

This causes an inner conflict each and every day.

I work within the financial services sector which demands continuous interaction and discussion, and as well as presentation of self and information.

From one-to-one and team meetings…

Lee Robertson

Founder and CEO of Octo Members Group. Deeply entrenched in the wealth management community but now bringing a fresh look to financial services content.

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